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We are absolutely committed to helping with environmental issues as we recognise our planet is on the cusp of what could be a catastrophic situation for the planet, man and all the species that exist.

As a technology reseller, some of our solutions are fantastic for the environment and help save on travel costs, energy bills and so on.

However we are conscious that some of our activity is potentially harmful and that we can always do more.

We are a Registered Waste Carrier and Broker with The Environment Agency. Any components that we deal with which are no longer required or used by customers (old or damaged parts/consumables) are stored properly at our premises and collected by a bona fide Waste Recycling company.

The individual components are disassembled and, where possible, re-utilised and recycled or disposed of in a way that has as small amount of impact on our environment as possible.

First Office Systems Continual Environmental Achievements and Impacts

  • Cardboard Recycling - One 1100Ltr Lift Every Week / 57200Ltr Per Year
  • Paper Recycling - One 240Ltr Lift Every Fortnight / 6420Ltr Per Year
  • Cartridge & Components Recycling - One 1100Ltr Lift When Full (approx 2 months) / Approx 6600Ltr Per Year
  • Ecosystem Electrical Equipment - Collection Once a Quarter
  • Landfill Waste Collection - One 1100Ltr Lift Every Week

We have a formal environmental statement

First Office Systems is taking specific action to reduce the carbon footprint of the company. The company is aware of the damage caused to the environment by its business activities. The company has implemented the following initiatives.

  1. All cardboard is recycled, we have a dedicated 1100 Litre capacity cardboard wheelie bin which we fill weekly with cardboard that is recycled.
  2. All waste paper is removed from general waste and placed in blue recycling sacks. Commercially sensitive documents are shredded first.
  3. All IT equipment is switched off at the end of the day and not left on or on standby, where possible.
  4. Heating and lighting has been reviewed and the offices are generally not centrally heated at night.
  5. Vehicles are economical being either 1600cc petrol or 1800cc diesel.
  6. Electronic delivery of documents via the Internet has greatly reduced our dependence on the Postal service. All 'junk mail' is returned to sender with a request to remove from their mailing list.
  7. General waste has reduced from on average three 1100 Litre wheelie bins empties per week to one 1100 Litre empty per week.
  8. We offer recyclable items free via to avoid landfill, an example is the wooden pallets that are used to ship and deliver equipment to us.
  9. Equipment is returned to manufacturers in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.
  10. Office Refurbishment projects include recycling of aluminium partitioning extrusion and steel from desk frames etc. Specialist glazing contractors remove partitioning glass panes from site. Waste requiring landfill is kept to a minimum.

The company and staff are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and we would welcome any suggestions as to how we could further reduce our carbon footprint. Any comments or suggestions should be sent by e-mail to Rosemarie Jolley at

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