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Free Install on Fibre

The UK Government are currently helping to fund excess construction charges for a Fibre Ethernet internet connection - up to £ 2800 will be funded.

This makes it much easier for you to obtain a proper business-class internet connection - a leased line.

Let us just make this clear - this is a PRIVATE DEDICATED fibre cable installed into your premises so you can enjoy the best possible internet connection experience in the UK.

Free Installation on fibre ethernet leased lines

How do I get it?

The process is really simple - here it is:

  • Call us for indicative pricing - we need your postcode and an analogue phone number
  • Place an order*
  • 2 weeks later a survey will be completed
  • Shortly afterwards, we will be advised what, if any, Excess Construction charges will be involved
  • You then decide to abort or continue with the order - if the Excess Construction charges amount to less than  £ 2,800, you essentially get the installation free as these costs are covered by the UK Government
  • For costs over £ 2,800, you can pay the difference and continue or abort with no obligation
  • No charges are incurred by placing an order

Typically, 85% of installations will be covered by the government subsidy - if you would like to have an initial chat or even organise a pre-survey visit by one of our experts to ascertain the liklihood of charges being covered, please ask us.

So if you want to know what you can get and how much it might cost, get in touch now!

*3 year contract applies as a minimum. Otherwise installation charges will definitely apply.

More Detail on leased line installations

For those that don’t know, when an organisation orders a proper (private) fibre installation for their internet connection, a BT Openreach Survey is completed to find out how easy it is to provide a direct fibre optic cable into the premises from BT’s nearest fibre point.

As you can imagine, in some instances (where fibre is already present in a building), this is very easy and there may not be any Excess Construction Charges (ECC’S). However, in other cases, BT Openreach may need to dig up roads, pavements, driveways etc and this is where ECC’s apply.

Normally, ECC’s can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousands (or tens of thousands for remote locations).

The fact that the government are providing financial help will be a revelation for many and will drive orders so that more organisations can avail themselves of better internet connectivity with guaranteed non-fluctuating speeds (up and down) with proper Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Along with our continued offer of waiving ‘normal’ installation fees for 3 and 5 year agreements, organisations and businesses have never been in a better place.

Note also that renting these connections (in the past we called them leased lines) has become more affordable (from just a few hundred pounds per month – there are also often other options that are less costly than a direct fibre connection but still offer guaranteed bandwidth such as EFM or FTTC). It is also worth noting that we can configure these connections to be ‘converged’ so that they can be used for both voice (SIP or Hosted Telephony) and data with some reliability and voice prioritisation.

Using a leased line for Voice

When used for voice, UK Calls are free! And calls to UK mobiles are LOWER THAN YOU WOULD PAY USING ISDN (calls to UK Mobiles are currently free - call us for details). Your telephone system may or may not support SIP – no problem if it doesn’t – there are ways to accommodate this.

Note that a fibre ethernet connection is not the low-cost fibre broadband that we see advertised by BT and the like (which is just fibre as far as the cabinet in the street and then copper to the premises) – this is proper Fibre Ethernet - imagine throwing a fibre cable from your computer network to the local BT exchange (where the fast access is to the internet).

For more detail, please call 01892 676000 and ask to speak to Paul, Michael or Nick

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