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Why First Office?

"What's in it for me?" we hear you ask!

Why should you deal with us?

Well there is alot of competition - we know that.

But we ask you to consider this....


Do not look at what people promise to deliver in the future - look at what we have delivered for 1,000's of people like you since 1991.


People promise lot's of things and often under-deliver - many of them are more interested in securing a sale than anything else.

We are not - we are interested in having long-term customers in a mutually beneficial WIN/WIN situation - of course we have to make some profit and, equally, you have to receive a good solution with a good level of care and service - if either of these are out of balance, it does not make for a good long-term solution.

....and we know the life-time value of our customers. So we want to keep you for life!

For more detail on what makes us different, please see our Differentiators page to the left.

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What our customers say...

"Our experience of First Office Systems has been absolutely superb. Like Commercial Insurance.... the first day is all about price, but the next 364 days are all about 'service', and First Office score on both counts. A great company. Always helpful."
Ian Andrew – Michael James Insurance

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