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Samsung OfficeSERV Telephone System

First Office Systems are Samsung specialists having been partners with Samsung since 2002 and can supply and support Samsung telephone systems throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and the South East.

Samsung is one of the market leading telephone system manufacturers in the UK and their current solution is the Samsung OfficeSERV range of telephone systems. 10% of all telephone systems installed in the UK are Samsung telephone systems (source MZA).

Who would buy this kind of system? The Samsung system is ideal for businesses that want simplicity and do not want to over-complicate their telecommunications. Whilst the system can do some very clever things like most systems, the Samsung is pretty conventional in the way that users will be using the handsets.

The Samsung OfficeSERV telephone system can scale small from just a few users to well over 200. The range consists of the Samsung OfficeSERV 7030, 7100, 7200 and 7400 telephone systems and they scale in that order. One of the attractions on the OfficeSERV telephone system range is that all functionality is identical throughout the range and the systems merely differ in architecture and size. This means that your business can upgrade from a small telephone system to a larger telephone system retaining all handsets and, in most cases, the modules you have invested in.


A typical 4 user telephone system will cost between £1,000 and £2,000 depending on specification, which can vary enormously. A 10 user telephone system would cost between £2,000 and £3,000. Naturally the larger the system, the more it costs. The system expands to 512 users.

The Samsung OfficeSERV system can easily cater for almost every scenario as it is a ‘hybrid’. This means that it can be installed with either traditional digital telephones (DS5007S, DS5014S, DS5038S, DS5014D, DS521D), analogue telephones or IP phones (IPT5107S, IPT5114D, IPT5121D, IPT5112L).

Samsung launched a new range of digital handsets in February 2014.  

You will find the handsets are extremely easy to use which, in our opinion, is one of the most important factors when choosing a new telephone system as your people will gain more benefit by using more features if it is easy to do so - common sense!     

The voicemail on the Samsung telephone system is excellent. You can access voicemail from your handset or remotely wherever you are 24/7/365. On display phones the voicemail access is visual and easy to use

Voicemails can be copied to your Microsoft Outlook Inbox or similar e-mail program. Calls can be recorded by simply pressing a button when on the phone. Also, recordings can be archived and retrieved and then forwarded as e-mails. The voicemail can also act like an answering machine – in other words you can listen to the person leaving the message and answer it mid-way through them leaving a message – very handy!

Remote workers can connect their home IP phones to the internet and become virtual extensions of the system using VoIP. This is fantastic as it enables users to work remotely as though they were sitting in the office.

Similarly, if you have more than one office, sites can be linked using Samsung SPNet Networking so they are working as one. Calls are free between sites and users can see who is on the phone on remote sites and so on. This also allows certain potentially expensive options to be centralised such as lines, voicemail, call recording, Receptionist functions – this really could reduce your business overheads substantially.

We have briefly touched on some of the most common Samsung OfficeSERV system features. As you would expect, all the normal telephone system features can be utilised such as call pick-up, hunt and ringing groups, Direct Dial, Parking, Paging, Directory, Listening in, connection to tannoys and door entry systems, cordless telephone integration for complete mobility, conferencing, Least Cost routing and so on.

If you have a business in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London or indeed anywhere in the South East, First Office Systems should be your Samsung supplier of choice - please call us.

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"As operations manager for our company i looked at many companies and First Office came top in every department. I have found them to be a pleasure to work with and are extremely efficient and helpful in all matters. well done guys!!!"
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