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Call Recording

Let's face it – if call recording was free, every business would deploy it.

The benefits are obvious – a deterrent for people to deceive.

And when it comes to court, if you have an encrypted copy of a phone conversation, you are 'home and dry' in terms of proof.

Mitel offers a number of different call recording solutions.

Included as standard with a Mitel voicemail system, you can record calls 'on-demand' whilst on a call. This is the most basic type of recording and allows you to have access to a copy of the conversation which is sent to you like a normal voicemail message. This can be handy as a basic option, particularly if we have your voicemail messages copied to email – you then have an email copy of the call.

However, you may want more.

You may want to automatically record calls into a library and archive them so they can be stored, retrieved and distributed centrally. You may also need them to 'stand up' in a court of law as legal evidence and for such requirements, the basic call recording feature simply won't be sufficient – you would need a more sophisticated solution.

Mitel's MiVoice Call Recording solution provides you with a reliable, easy-to-use solution which is fully compliant with the various UK government regulations. The webinar below gives you a detailed overview.

Mitel PVD technology enables you to store, organize and play back digital media files, or voice documents, of your phone-based conversations. These can then be used to effectively drive regulatory compliance, dispute resolution and risk management.

Who uses call recording?

Call recording is widely used in the healthcare, legal services, insurance and financial services industries – however, most organisations can benefit, even if it is used just to train staff to provide a better customer service.

What is included in MiVoice?

MiVoice Call Recording features include:

  • Selective recording
  • State-of-the-art navigation
  • Highlight, annotate and share parts of recordings
  • Call visualization, including sound spectrogram, displaying all activity that occurred throughout the call
  • Permissions-based security, providing discreet access to the entire call recording, or just a select segment
  • Call playback via encrypted media file streaming and sharing via link distribution for enhanced security
  • Query recordings for spoken phrases, simplifying search and review of audio data for compliance and e-discovery requirements
  • Customize call storage, staging and purging based on a variety of criteria, such as account code, extension and caller ID

Call recording can also be integrated into your Business Management system or CRM system.

For more detail, why not call us now on 01892 676000? Ask for Paul, Michael or Nick.

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