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Mitel is a true global leader in Business Unified Communications. If you are not hugely telecoms or tech-savvy, you could be forgiven for not even knowing the Mitel name!

However, if you look at what BT now sells businesses, they sell Mitel and AVAYA phone systems so that should tell you all you need to know (but don't get one from BT please! Get one from us!).

Unified Communications is another name for business telephony, or telephone systems if you want to talk in layman's terms. 'UC' means one simple way of communicating regardless of the type of communication (voice, email, messaging/chat etc).

Mitel is consistently in the 'TOP 3' vendors along with AVAYA and Cisco. Download the latest Magic Quadrant report here:

Mitel is very strong in the UK – their success, in our opinion, is down to the fact that they specialise...they just provide communications solutions. Nothing else. #Mitel

We supply and install Mitel phone systems for organisations like yours throughout Kent, Sussex, London and the South East. We have been partners with Mitel since 2004 so we have pretty good experience with their products.

Plus we offer Award-Winning Service!

So Mitel currently have 2 main products for businesses: MiVoice Office and MiVoice Business. We have dedicated pages on our web site for each. Whilst both products share many things, including a handset range and most features, they are targeted at different kinds of organisations and sectors.

MiVoice Office is provided with most of it's features available 'out of the box'. It is ideal for single site organisations with less than 250 users.

MiVoice Business can also scale small but can expand to cater for an enterprise with tens of thousands of users across many sites. It has resiliency features as well as virtualisation options.

Which System - MiVoice Business or MiVoice Office 250?

The Mitel MiVoice Office 250 system is ideal for businesses with less than 250 users.

The MiVoice Business system can scale down for small businesses but was originally designed for larger corporate enterprise type businesses. Both systems have many sophisticated options. The MiVoice Office has the edge in our opinion as it is more focused on the phone user due to the free PC Call Control software, Xarios Phone Manager. The MiVoice Business tends to offer more for the 'bigger budget' and has better functionality for businesses wanting cutting edge redundancy and resiliency and would be a fine choice for businesses with 'mission critical' operations. If you are a FTSE100 company, you are very likely to already have the larger of the 2 products.

If you need an enterprise-type product with Multi-Site Hot Desking, Full Resiliency and Redundancy options using a Meshed Wide Area Network or if you prefer to install your Mitel as software in your Virtualised Environment, then you would need to choose the MiVoice Business (formerly 3300).

In our opinion, Mitel's main strengths compared to other vendors are remote working, call centre working and providing solutions for businesses that want to integrate their telephone system with their computer network so users can 'click to call'.

Mitel have also recently acquired Aastra which means there are now other additional systems available depending on which country you are in.

They have also recently launched a couple of hosted options, one of which is MiCloud which would suit you if you prefer not to have to pay large up-front costs for hardware and software.

Key things you should know about Mitel

Bear the following in mind when considering which vendor you should choose - this is not an exhaustive list but just important things we think are worth knowing:

  1. Mitel have been offering IP solutions pretty-much longer than any other vendor
  2. They only do voice products - so this should give them 'the edge' and does
  3. It's a privately-owned company
  4. It has 2 main products - 1 for smaller businesses, 1 for bigger ones
  5. Mitel are market leaders around the world but particularly the UK and US
  6. A bit like Apple, their products just work and don't go wrong that often - that's why they are used by massive businesses and mission-critical organisations such as hospitals, banks, Marks & Spencer Plc, B & Q and so on
  7. They are to communications what BMW and Bentley (somewhere in between!) are to cars - not always with the BMW and Bentley price tag (but it depends what you need!)
  8. They are VERY strong in call or contact centres, multi-site environments, virtualised environments and in businesses who have people working remotely or travelling around the world
  9. They appear at the 'cliff edge' - in other words, they deal through partners and will meet and talk to customers (unlike some of the others eg AVAYA - sorry AVAYA guys but you are too far removed from the 'coal face' in our opinion). Note though tha the AVAYA IP Office is a decent product for many scenarios so don't discount it! We supply AVAYA IP Office also!
  10. Their handsets and applications are the best looking (in our opinion) - if you watch the BBC's  'The Apprentice' program, at the end you will see Sir Alan Sugar's desk with a Mitel phone on it.....and he doesn't suffer fools gladly does he?
  11. The 2 main systems they offer have changed their name fairly recently. The MiVoice Office 250 was formerly known as the Mitel 5000 HX and before then the Inter-tel 5000 (Mitel bought Inter-tel). The larger Mitel MiVoice Business was formerly called the Mitel 3300
  12. If you want a software only version, you can have it (not MiVoice Office 250 currently) as it will reside on a virtual server
  13. When you deal with a Mitel partner, whilst we cannot speak for all partners, it is very likely that you will be dealing with a 'better class' of supplier. Mitel have strict accreditation requirements meaning that partners have to really invest reasonably heavily in training their staff - this is in contrast to other vendors, many of which are really 'also-rans' and allow suppliers to partner with them easily with comparatively little training or investment
  14. Mitel sites and customers are all registered centrally with the Mitel AMC. This ensures a certain level of standards and information (a bit like each limited company being registered by Companies House!).
  15. Mitel systems are very easy to use, compared with other systems we have experience of
  16. You can use a Mitel system in almost any scenario including SIP, ISDN2e, ISDN30, Analogue lines and extensions, digita extensions (not MiVoice Business), IP telephony to the desk etc etc

We really hope this helps you understand the Mitel offering - we have tried to cut through the normal web site marketing talk and speak 'from the hip' - of course, we are here to answer your questions and will always provide you best advice - if your scenario is such that a different solution, other than a Mitel one, is better for you, we will be sure to tell you.

There is quite a lot of informative stuff on the rest of this site so feel free to explore!

First Office Systems are Mitel partners and can supply and support Mitel MiVoice Office and MiVoice Business throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and the South East.

For expert advice, please call us on 01892 676000 and speak to Paul, Michael or Nick. Call now!


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