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FTTC Ethernet

Here we give you some basics on FTTC Ethernet – note this is sometimes called GEA (General Ethernet Access).

We know – just more confusing acronyms – but bear with us!

FTTC Ethernet is quite simple to explain. It is a step up from fibre broadband but often not quite as fast as EFM. And it does not compare favourably to a proper fibre Ethernet leased line.

It uses the same infrastructure as fibre broadband – so if you can get fibre broadband you should be able to get FTTC Ethernet.

The beauty of FTTC Ethernet is that most of the connection is fibre back to the BT exchange – it is just the last few hundred metres that uses the standard old copper wiring into your premises (which is why it is limited in speed to 20Mbps).

FTTC Ethernet – main points

  • The maximum speed is 20Mbps.
  • The speed of upload and download is THE SAME – unlike normal ADSL broadband.
  • It is widely available – anywhere where fibre broadband is available normally.
  • There is an SLA (service level agreement) with our product.
  • The lead time is short (typically 1 month) compared to EFM and Fibre Ethernet leased lines.
  • Uncontended service - not shared - it's all yours!
  • High availability and low latency - ideal for connections to 'the cloud'
  • Fully managed and monitored 24/7
  • Available as a converged service delivering voice AND data with guaranteed voice quality.

For more detail or advice please call us on 01892 676000 and ask for Paul, Michael or Nick.

What is it used for?

Well you could use it just for internet access. Whilst you could use a fibre broadband and get a faster download, since FTTC Ethernet is 20Mb up and down, and it is just for your use, it will probably be noticably faster that a fibre broadband, depending on what traffic is being sent/received at the time, of course.

We cannot speak for other suppliers but we also offer a converged option of FTTC Ethernet that reserves a small amount of bandwidth just for voice, so you can use SIP trunks or hosted telephony on the same connection as your normal internet.

Important issue with FTTC Ethernet

Please remember, that this connection is delivered on copper wire in your premises - it only turns into fibre when it reaches your local green cabinet somewhere in your street (within 150m normally). See below!

FTTC Ethernet - GEA green cabinet picture

How much does it cost?

It depends!

Prices tend to start at around £ 170-£ 200 per month. Plus you need a normal analogue line for it to reside upon so there are those costs also.

Please call our office for more detail and to see if you can get it at your premises (we can tell you in 5 minutes) and how much we will charge you!

Ask for Paul, Michael or Nick - 01892 676000.

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