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Bonded Broadband

This page attempts to give you some basic understanding on Bonded broadband or Bonded ADSL as it is also referred to.

Bonded DSL - explanation

This web page attempts to explain bonded ADSL (also referred to as bonded broadband) for a non-techie or for someone considering having bonded broadband installed.

As you may have already found out or read on our main Internet Connections page, many businesses and organisations have a real problem with slow broadband due to various factors, all of which we have explained on our main page.

Sometimes, the only option is to put several slow broadbands together which is essentially what Bonded DSL is. We are afraid that, just like nothing on earth being simple, not all bonded DSL solutions are the same! For the sake of simplicity, this page refers to proper bonded ADSL.

Some Bonded DSL connections can be achieved by simply connecting 2 broadbands into a load balancing router or by physically linking 2 connections together - whilst this may be cheaper, in our opinion, if you rely heavily on the internet like most people and businesses do and you are going to take the time and effort to research a deploy a new internet solution, it is best to use something reliable and something that delivers.

Do I need Bonded DSL?

Well if you want faster speeds and cannot get fibre broadband or EFM or do not want to pay for your own leased line, then Bonded DSL is a great option. It will speed up browsing but will be particularly suited to you if you have to upload information to a server somewhere, using 'cloud computing' or if you are sending/receiving large files (photos, drawings etc). It will also help a lot if you are using video conferencing or VoIP or SIP.

How many DSL broadbands can be bonded?

Up to 4 ADSL broadbands (or 2 or 3 if that is enough) can be bonded together - this should give slightly under 4 times the speed of a standard broadband - it is not exactly 4 times the speed as there are some overheads involved that use some of the bandwidth. Normally, the company supplying the Bonded DSL product will provide a pre-configured router. A normal telephone line is required for each broadband.

Bonded DSL is only treated as one internet connection in terms of management.

What speeds are available with Bonded DSL?

Well, if you are able to get 10Mb download and 1Mb upload, by using Bonded DSL, that speed can be nearly doubled, trebled or quadrupled. Note the download and upload speeds will still be different and the speeds could vary throughout the day - essentially you are just using normal ADSL broadbands so the basics will be the same for Bonded DSL.

Speeds are aggregated so that you get the most benefit from all the lines - not just 3 times the speed of the slowest connection (there are options on the market that provide this - this can be an issue if your slowest line is really slow of course so we would recommend a supplier that does not aggregate).

Can I get Bonded DSL?

Yes - it is available everywhere! Or at least, if you can get normal ADSL broadband, you can get bonded DSL. Just ask us if you want confirmation.

Is Bonded DSL reliable?

Err - yes. At least it is more reliable than one normal broadband connection as you will have 2, 3 or 4 connections working simultaneously. If one fails, the others will continue to work unless there is a major fault affecting all 4 lines. This is unlikely to happen - most broadband problems are as a result of line issues. Of course, if all 4 lines (or 2 or 3) are affected (such as a badly damaged cable on a pole or in a duct), then all connections could be affected. There is no single point of failure at your premises as multiple routers and lines are used and these are connected into your LAN switch (computer network).

Can I have a fixed IP Address with Bonded DSL?

Yes - your IP Address is fixed on a virtual router at network level

Bonded DSL or Fibre?

That could be a difficult choice but you should be aware that fiber broadband is unlikely to be available everywhere. Fibre broadband is aimed at residential users (this is a little known fact but it is the TV Market that fibre broadband is aimed at in our opinion, not the business market). So if your business is in a residential area, you may be lucky and fibre broadband may be available now or in the future - if you are on an industrial estate, we would bet money it may never be available - sorry! Bonded DSL may be your only affordable option.

How much does Bonded DSL cost?

Well it costs more than normal ADSL and less than EFM and definitely a lot less than a leased line - contact us now and we can get you some competitive pricing - it is probably a lot cheaper than you might think. Remember, leased lines cost £7,000 - £10,000 per annum (excluding installation if there is a charge for that) - that could mean a bonded DSL connection could be 80-90% cheaper!

What do I do next?

Get in touch of course - we know what we are talking about as you can see from this page that has been written by one of our experienced consultants.

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