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Horizon Options

Most of the features available with our Horizon Telephone System are included as standard – see Features.
However, there are some additional options that you can use which will incur an additional charge and these are noted below.

Horizon Soft Phone

The soft phone option on Horizon, or Horizon Desktop Client as it is called, is a chargeable extra. It allows you to download a small software application onto your Windows PC or laptop and log onto your system extension and work from wherever you happen to be – of course you need an internet connection.

You simply need a USB headset – or you could just use the pc speakers and in-built microphone if you have one. You can access most of the normal system features allowing you to handle calls efficiently.

The soft phone works just like a normal phone but also includes Presence and Instant Messaging. See the picture below of Nick's actual soft phone - Nick states "I use this all the time when at home - it is dead easy, it always works and the quality is great - I dont even use a headset/mic - I just speak directly into my laptop - the best soft phone I have used..."

Horizon soft phone

Smart phone integration

There is an Android Smartphone App that works with Horizon – again you need a reasonable internet connection (Wi-Fi).

There is a small monthly charge for using the App.

Microsoft Outlook and PC Integration – Horizon Integrator

For additional functionality, there is an additional software option on Horizon called Horizon Integrator.

Integrator incurs a small monthly charge.

It is a software application which allows you to control your Horizon service from your Microsoft Windows PC without having to log on to your portal.

It also integrates with Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Lync® 2013.

Features include:

  • Call preview
  • Click to dial from Outlook and any web page
  • Desk top control

CRM Integration – Horizon Integrator CRM

You can also take integration one stage with Integrator CRM by integrating with your businesses CRM package. Over 20 of the most popular CRM packages can be integrated including ACT, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

Call recording

As standard in Horizon, users can record calls. A central administrator (or us) can set up certain call recording parameters on a user by user basis.

Recordings can be accessed, retrieved and re-distributed by a system administrator.

Call recording only becomes chargeable once there are calls being stored and charges are made on a monthly basis based on the amount of storage required.

In summary, all users can have calls recorded, or just a selection and you only pay for what you use. Calls can be auto-deleted to keep storage costs down.

Compared with traditional Premise-based call recording solutions, this is a very cost-effective option indeed!

Horizon Call Queuing

One of the distinct advantages of a hosted phone system is the absence of reliance on on-board system resources.

What can be achieved at 'network level' is far more impressive than what a small business could normally afford.

A fantastic example of this is the Queuing option on Horizon which will queue up to 25 callers and play them bespoke messages until staff become available to take the calls. Of course there is always a voicemail breakout option so the caller can leave you a message.

The Horizon system can simultaneously queue calls against the Hunt Group with instant delivery as soon as someone becomes free.

There is a small monthly charge per Hunt Group member for this queuing functionality. This is much cheaper however than having a 25 port voicemail system with 25 spare phone lines to queue the calls – such resources would cost £10,000's on a traditional phone system.

Reception Console

So your organisation takes lots of calls at Reception? No problem....

Horizon can cater for that too!

If a normal handset sidecar or add-on module is not sufficient, for a small monthly charge, your Reception users can utilise the Reception software available on Horizon.

The Reception console allows quick and efficient management and call handling across single or multiple sites as well as having access to up to 800 directory contacts and visibility and management of queues and queue priorities.

Call Statistics – Management Reporting by Akixi

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

As standard, with Horizon, you get some basic call statistics.

However, you may need much more detailed information if you are running a formal or informal contact or call centre.

Horizon can cater for this through the Akixi software option. This provides comprehensive call management information and features including:

  • Cloud-based server-less solution
  • Real time statistics with wallboards and alarms
  • Management by exception
  • Accessible from any device anywhere anytime – including mobile
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Cradle to grave reporting
  • Abandoned call recovery

Please call us for advice on any of the options on this page – 01892 67600. Ask for Paul, Michael or Nick.

What our customers say...

"As Operations Assistant at Konditor & Cook, I was placed in charge of overseeing the implementation of new telecommunications infrastructure from First Office and they have been great at every step. Much time has passed since then, but no issue was ever too big or too small for them to handle and they have continued to provide support and assistance of high levels all the time. Thumbs up for Matt and Andy from support for their great assistance every time we need it!"
Mantas Miliunas - Konditor & Cook - 5 Star Facebook Rating

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