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You are of course aware of the importance of handling inbound phone calls well when people call you – if you don’t, you could lose business from both new customers and clients and existing ones.

Even if you are not a business, handling calls is still important.

Watch our Inbound video to see exactly what is possible and read on further below for more detail.

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation, there are some very inexpensive ways of improving your call handling as well as catering for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Our My Inbound product is used by lots of our customers. It allows any phone number you have to be ‘pointed’ at any device you have at any time – you have full control of this via our internet portal so you can change how calls are handled instantly at any time from anywhere in the world – even from your smart phone!

Not only can calls be pointed – you can add a lot more functionality including:

  • Free call stats on how many calls have been received, the time, duration and source
  • Diversion of all calls or just when you are busy or don’t answer
  • Different ringing plans based on the time of day or day of the week
  • Call handling on bank holidays can be pre-planned
  • Calls can be diverted to several different devices at the same time and distributed across team members
  • Have calls diverted differently based on the source area code
  • Have calls queue until your office or destination phone is free – callers can be played bespoke messages tailored to your organisation
  • Have calls answered by an Automated Attendant so callers can listen and choose a menu and have that call delivered appropriately
  • Have calls recorded so you can access the recordings for training, audit trails, compliance etc
  • Voicemail – your calls can be answered by a bespoke greeting

Even if you have people dedicated in your business to answering the phone, the features above can supplement your existing set up brilliantly.

And, of course, if you cannot use your normal office (eg phone system failure, phone line issues, snow, power cut, natural disaster), having an intelligent inbound telephony solution that you can use instantly to rescue the situation could save thousands or even save your business or your job!

The above is just a brief explanation of what can be achieved.

Please call us for advice – we can port any existing number onto our platform – ask for Paul, Michael or Nick – 01892 676000.

What our customers say...

"As Operations Assistant at Konditor & Cook, I was placed in charge of overseeing the implementation of new telecommunications infrastructure from First Office and they have been great at every step. Much time has passed since then, but no issue was ever too big or too small for them to handle and they have continued to provide support and assistance of high levels all the time. Thumbs up for Matt and Andy from support for their great assistance every time we need it!"
Mantas Miliunas - Konditor & Cook - 5 Star Facebook Rating

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