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Business Continuity

Can you forward your Business Phone calls elsewhere INSTANTLY next time it snows?

Imagine - next Monday you wake up to 2 feet of snow outside (2 inches can be enough to disrupt us in the UK it seems!). Your first thoughts are:

  • Can I get to work?
  • Can anyone else get to work?
  • Who is going to answer our phone calls and how will this affect our business?

Read on - your answers to these questions are below and they are easy and cost-effective to deploy.

Inbound Telecoms Services

Working with market leading partners such as Adept Telecom, Gamma and Voiceflex, we have a number of different inbound telecommunications services to help you, providing the perfect cost-effective Disaster Recovery for Telecommunications.

For example, 'My Inbound' is a feature rich call management service which enables your business to manage incoming calls in a way that suits both you and your customers. Note this does not have to have any element of VoIP, IP Telephony or SIP although these technologies can be deployed where appropriate.

Watch the short video on My Inbound here:

The Benefits of Inbound Telecoms Services

Use with any number, anywhere, from any device, My Inbound is available on both UK geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and is accessed through a secure portal that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection at any time from any location. These Inbound Services have nothing to do with your equipment so they can be used with any type of line or telephone system.

Easy to use

If you can use a computer, you can use this! The entire service is designed with the customer in mind and enables you to become very productive, very quickly.

Fast and simple set up

Everything is online giving you the ability to instantly create or make changes to call plans, announcements and other features.

Build Tailored Call Plans

Build call plans according to your business opening hours and modify instantly in accordance with your changing business needs. Schedule call routing in advance according to your business hours and call handling preferences and use call divert options to maximise your call handling potential and provide improved service to your customers.

Divert calls from smartphones

We can also now provide our customers with the inbound App which is a new facility to enable you to manage your phone number from your smartphone. Great for when unexpected weather prevents you and your staff from getting into the office.

Inbound call statistics

Do you need to know how many calls you are receiving? Do you need detailed stats? 'My Inbound' provides details such as how many calls you are receiving, the times/dates of calls and what geographical destinations have been calling you.

Divert DDI Numbers

Our Voiceflex portal allows you to divert each individual Direct published number to a number of your choice instantly. You could have 1 number or 1,000 - it doesn't matter. Our preferred SIP trunk partner is Gamma and we can set up DDI diverts in advance so at any time from any loaction we can envoke diverts on DDI's (eg to mobiles).

Automatically forward calls on failure

We can also set up an auto-failover for each number to a number of your choice. In the event that we deploy this as part of a SIP trunk solution, should your office connection fail, this removes the need for manual intervention ensuring you don't miss calls.

We can also set up resilient SIP trunks that deliver all your calls to a different IP address on failure - see the following video:


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

We repeat - the above functionality often doesn't require any element of VoIP technology being deployed. However, VoIP and SIP are appropriate in certain scenarios - please discuss this with us. Through our partners, Voiceflex and Gamma, we are also able to provide a comprehensive Voice over IP service with access to a great portal for instant changes.

The Benefits of SIP


SIP is fast becoming the preferred alternative to ISDN (ISDN30 and ISDN2e). Our SIP services provide a more cost-effective alternative to ISDN. However, the main benefits are ones of flexibility. SIP trunks can be pointed at any internet connection and, using our services, we both (you and ourselves) have instant access to a portal allowing increases or reductions in line capacities and phone numbers, instant directing of individual numbers to SIP connections or forwarding to any other numbers, fax to e-mail set up and so on.

Compare this to ISDN, which requires you to place lengthy orders with the phone supplier and SIP really delivers.

Can I connect SIP to my telephone system?

If you have an older system, it may still be possible to connect it to SIP. More modern systems can use SIP - sometimes it will be necessary to install additional hardware and/or software - please speak to us and we will advise you.

Simple set up

All you need is an internet connection. We can advise you on what type of connection you require and, just as important, what type of connection is available at your premises. The internet connection used for SIP is CRITICAL. It may be we recommend a dedicated connection if you are a small business to ensure resiliency and avoid any call quality issues. Or, if you have an existing leased line or EFM connection, it may be possible to utilise this which will possibly provide more savings in terms of cost. We can port your existing number or setup a brand new number. Obviously the option to port your existing number is marginally longer than setting up a new number which can be done in seconds.

Can I retain my numbers?

Yes - subject to you being able to move your numbers (being out contract), we can normally port your numbers. We can also provide any new numbers of any type (01,02, London, International, 08, Premium rate etc).

Access to an intuitive interface

Once your account has been enabled you have access to all of the features available on the portal including Call forward and Failover. Call forward enables you to forward calls to any number anywhere and can be changed in seconds. Failover enables us to setup an automatic failover so should your SIP trunks fail your calls will automatically divert to a pre-defined number. This is a huge difference to an ISDN service where you would be placing an order for a divert and waiting hours for it to be setup. Additionally with the failover facility you can divert numbers individually whereas the ISDN divert would divert all calls on all ISDN numbers to one number only.

Need help and advice?

Please call us - we have dealt with 100's of these scenarios - your options can be confusing! We can de-mystify the situation for you, provide our best advice and enable you to make a truly informed decision.

What our customers say...

"As Operations Assistant at Konditor & Cook, I was placed in charge of overseeing the implementation of new telecommunications infrastructure from First Office and they have been great at every step. Much time has passed since then, but no issue was ever too big or too small for them to handle and they have continued to provide support and assistance of high levels all the time. Thumbs up for Matt and Andy from support for their great assistance every time we need it!"
Mantas Miliunas - Konditor & Cook - 5 Star Facebook Rating

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