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Cat 6

If you are tasked with installing a new structured cabling system for your business or organisation, you should aim to install either Cat6 or Cat6 cabling (not cat5e).

The reason for this is purely speed and performance. Whilst Cat5e will run at Gb speeds, Cat 6 will run at ten times the speed (10GBASE-T). However, the maximum distance for Cat6 at full speed is 37-55 metres.

Cat6a also runs at 10GBASE-T but is better than Cat6 as the distance it can be run in is more at 100m (in line with cat5e distances). Cat 6a also offers better performance than Cat 6 as Crosstalk and Attenuation between the internal wiring pairs is much reduced due to insulation inside the cable sheath.

The big disadvantage with cat6a is the size and weight of the cable. It is much bigger and heavier than cat6 and has even less flexibility when needed to bend around corners.

Cat6a is far more cumbersome and costly to install and test.

So – the answer is, if you are not sure, please speak to us for advice – we will give you best advice – call us now on 01892 676000 and ask to speak to Paul, Michael or Nick.

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