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Best Practices

Voice and Data cabling is a specialist area.

Having dealt with such infrastructure since 1991, we would implore you to think carefully about who you use to install and test your cabling.

Your perspective here is important – your cabling is often only likely to be installed once during your occupation of your premises – so getting it right can pay real dividends! You may change your computers and phones several times using the very same cabling infrastructure.

Getting it wrong can be a nightmare!

In our experience, in many instances, electricians are OFTEN NOT the best people to install voice and data cabling (there are some exceptions). Often, they have no training and treat cabling installations similar to electrical installations – this is completely wrong....

See below 2 examples of cat5e cabling terminations. The first one is good, the second one is poor. Whilst both outlets will work, the one with the excess untwisted wiring showing will perform at very poor speeds.


cat5e cabling terminations


Office cabling installed poorly

Below you can see a picture of a very poor installation where the installation engineer has crimped plugs on the end of solid cable rather than terminated the cables properly onto a proper patch panel.

Very poor installation

Below is a picture of a customer's communications cabinet in a bit of a state! We can provide advice on how to administer your infrastructure – there is also a picture of it after we audited it and re-patched everything using the correct length colour-coded patch leads.


Cabinet before tidying



Comms Cabinet after tidying

We have also found that a lot of IT contractors are not properly trained either. Often they simply do not have the resource either.

Our team of cabling engineers are vastly experienced and have worked in data centres for companies like BT and Verizon.

Forget the rest and pick the best – call us now to arrange a survey or just for some advice – 01892 676000. Ask for Paul, Michael or Nick.

What our customers say...

"I have been working with First Office for almost two years and I am always pleased with the professional way in which their team always accurately remember our technical architecture, so readily. A fun team to work with, who provide an excellent, integrated service."
NHS, Kings Hill, Kent

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