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Remote Working

In the modern world, everyone expects information and action instantly.

Often, the way you can react to such demands, can be the difference between success and failure, or maybe winning/losing/retaining a customer.

The remote working solutions available with modern business communication systems certainly enable you to react – but only as long as they are workable, deliverable and reliable.

AVAYA's IP Office system does have several things 'up it's sleeve' and here we attempt to explain them briefly so you can understand your options.

Mobile twinning

As standard on IP Office, a user can have their desk phone twinned with their mobile (or any other number) so that both devices ring simultaneously – very handy for people on the move.

It is also possible to hold calls and transfer them back to the office.

Smart phone integration

This takes mobile twinning a stage further and allows a user to use an APP on their smart phone as their extension enabling them to use that phone like it was their desk phone with similar access to features. This works quite well with a decent Wi-fi connection or 4G but not so well with 3G in our experience.

Note it also requires a VPN tunnel back to the office and it can use battery more quickly.

Working at any phone anywhere in the world

IP Office allows you to specify your home phone or any landline number you choose by using ONE-X Portal's Telecommuter mode.

The phone system then delivers calls to that number as if you were at your desk.

One-X Portal is a portal through which you have access to the main office phone system regardless of your location.

There are other features available.

Remote IP Phones

If you have remote offices or people that work from home, you can simply give them an identical phone to their office phone which they can connect to their internet connection – this will allow them full access to all features as if they were in the office.

Soft Phones

Got users with laptops, tablets, Macs or iPads??

No problem – IP Office has soft phone solutions for them so they can use their computer device as their extension.


Allowing remote users access to these kinds of solutions means that you are enabling them access to your office systems – ill-informed telecoms suppliers ignore this and this can be a disaster!

So speak to us about securing these solutions so your users can work without any outside threats to your business getting through your security borders.

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