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Support Centre

The support we provide our customers is our key focus and underpins everything we do.

We aim to deliver the WOW FACTOR at all times and make a real positive impact on the lives and businesses of our customers.

We have built our business since 1991 on this basis with a firm belief that if we do a great job for our customers, the rest will fall into place (we know it's not quite as easy as that but that is the 'essence' that runs through the whole company!).

Establishing and maintaining long-term customer relationships is what we are most interested in. Many of our customers have dealt with us for 20 years or more.

This can only be engineered with certain key things in place and one of these is continued customer care through reliability, competence, professionalism and attention to detail.

Our Service and Support Centre is the hub of this principle. All our customers are input into our bespoke computerised Service Management system, called SerVantage.

SerVantage is used throughout the company but in our Support Centre it is critical - every customer and every piece of hardware, software or solution ever provided is logged meticulously. Every customer service interaction, every fault and visit is recorded and has been since before the turn of the century.

This allows us to have instant visibility of our service offering as well as detailed reporting on cost, profitability, response times and reliability – this ensures you, our customer, get real value and service from 'cradle to grave'.

What our customers say...

What can I say....not only great with systems support but also supporting me and my team to help us improve our business and service to our customers.
Jeremy Mather – Hoopers Limited

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