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Document Solutions

Here are a number of questions we get asked frequently by customers about Document Solutions.

1. Can Canon save time combining electronically produced documents from various applications?

Canon iW Publishing Manager software enables documents from various Windows-based applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint etc to be merged to create a single document. Once compiled, you can edit, amend, personalise and then apply document-finishing options before printing to your Canon device. You can also create PDF files from compiled iW Publishing Manager documents.

2. How can I keep control of colour usage across a network?

Canon devices with built-in ID Management can specify users and limit their Black & White and Colour usage, providing controlled access to the device. This ensures costs are controlled and allows monitoring of colour usage.

Additional applications such as Netspot Accountant MEAP provide management of usage by users, groups or departments. This provides accurate costs and details device usage statistics enabling you, when required, to set specific output limits.

3. How can I keep confidential documents private when I print to a network device?

Canon provides secure print and personal mailbox functions, which ensures that once a document is sent to the network device for printing, only the author can retrieve it using a PIN number. This provides a totally secure solution for printing confidential documents to a networked device.

4. Which is right for my business; 'smart colour' or 'professional colour'?

'Smart colour' devices are designed for occasional colour use within a document; typically one page in seven.

The workload intended for the device would include items such as pie charts and graphs with solid bold colours, or documents containing highlighted coloured text. However, if you wish to create full colour photographic images, then a 'professional colour' device is required.

These devices use four-drum technology, one dedicated to each colour, and as a result improve quality and output speed. 'Smart colour' devices use a single drum to create the required four-colour process, which impedes productivity compared to a professional colour device.

5. What is the difference between Canon and EFI Fiery colour printer controllers?

Canon's colour print controller offers excellent colour matching and the ability to adjust output through the printer driver. Electronics For Imaging (EFI) colour printer controllers provide software tools to professionally colour match, calibrate and adjust colours through a very wide spectrum. EFI colour controllers also incorporate true Adobe Postscript printing which is a must when printing within an Apple Macintosh environment.

6. As I communicate mainly by e-mail, should I still consider the fax option for my multifunctional device?

Although e-mail has resulted in a decline of dedicated facsimile machines over the past few years, many businesses still insist on hard copy confirmation of phone calls or e-mails created by faxing. By combining the fax option with the network print option, you gain the ability to send faxes via your workstation and create global or individual address books for the whole network to use.

7. Maintenance of our multifunctional device is critical to our business, how well are First Office equipped to deal with faults?

In addition to print/copy service and support, (including replacement parts and toner for the print/copy 'engine') we also provide service and support for network printing, scanning and fax options, and their associated software.

Our technicians are all highly trained professionals with the necessary technical skills to resolve all support issues, whether they are a result of the device, a workstation, server or the Local Area Network.

We are fully resourced to provide prompt attendance. Our Support Centre co-ordinates 'system crashes' and any total failures are prioritised for immediate attendance.

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