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Server Rooms

Although many businesses like the idea of moving to 'The Cloud' and the need for large Server Rooms with lots of data cabinets and racks has started to reduce, if you are a typical business or organisation, you will still need a communications area, Comms Room or Server Room.

We are vastly experienced in advising organisations like yours on how to equip their Server Room.

Here are the sections involved with our communications rooms;

Bespoke Builds – Constructed to a high specification to provide insulation from egress of chilled air and ingress of heat special considerations need to be given to comms rooms. Typically structures will be slab to slab, rather than being built on the raised access floor and to the underside of the suspended ceiling. The build integrity of the structure will need to be strengthened if you intend to install a gas fire suppression system.   

Power – It is important to understand the load required of the servers and active equipment together with air conditioning equipment. A dedicated supply will be required and for more demanding application this could be a 3-Phase supply. A local distribution board will provide individual circuits for the power distribution units and racks.  

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) – Not an option but a must, a UPS will not only provide back-up power in the event of a power outage but also provide a constant output on the delivery side removing power spikes. Depending on the autonomy (up time) required units can be large and heavy so floor loading may need be considered.  

Gas Fire Suppression Systems – This is an ozone friendly gas based automated fire suppression system. Should a detector register smoke and or heat then gas is released from pressurised gas bottles in seconds to suffocate a fire before it can take hold and caused any significant damage. A must for data centres.

Air Conditioning – Management of air circulation is a critical factor requiring hot and cold aisles. The cold aisles deliver chilled air to one side of the racks which is then drawn through the racks cooling the servers and then the hot air is extracted via the hot aisle. Specialist underfloor air conditioning systems of bespoke design my be required.   

Security – Your most valuable asset is your staff and your data, look after both! A comms room should be physically secure and there should be no unauthorised access. CCTV should provide surveillance of the cooms room entrance and ideally internally within the room. Off-site backups should compliment on-site back-ups. Fire walls and other network security will protect from Internet crime.   

If you would like to discuss in more details any of the above please contact John Donegan on 01892 776001 or 07973 516339. Alternatively, e-mail him at 

Depending on your requirements, we will advise on all aspects including:

  • Server Room Design and Specification
  • Data cabinets and Racks (aka Communications Cabinets)
  • Infrastructure including electrics, UPS, Air conditioning/heating
  • Gas suppression systems
  • Network switch infrastructure
  • Fibre and copper back bones and linking of data cabinets with vertical cabling
  • Horizontal structured cabling including Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a
  • Telecommunications
  • Network services – Internet connections, Fibre, ADSL, EFM, ISDN2e, ISDN30 and PSTN
  • Security, Access control and other services

We have dedicated pages on this web site that deals with each of these specialist areas.
Or call us now for an initial chat – ask for John or Nick – 01892 676000.

What our customers say...

"I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you planned and completed our recent office renovation. While we more than doubled our office space in Sevenoaks, all work was carried out while my staff continued to work without disruption – a testament to your pre-planning and project supervision. Finally, providing all my telephone systems and hardware truly made First Office a one-stop shop for all our needs. Again thanks for a job well done."
Harmon International, Sevenoaks, Kent

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