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Normally, as part of an office refurbishment, fit-out or relocation project, we will design and deploy and lighting solutions where required.

It might sound obvious but having good lighting in your office is critical.

Different levels of lighting are required for different types of work – close, accurate work such as soldering a control panel will require higher light levels than walking down a corridor. However, when considering lighting, a number of different factors need to be considered such as colour, contrast, glare etc.

Often overlooked and out of date or sometimes poorly maintained, lighting is an essential infrastructure consideration and can make a real difference to the look and feel of the space as well as the performance of the people in it!
As an employer, part of your Health and Safety obligations are to ensure there are good facilities for all staff.
We have teams of properly qualified electricians and lighting specialists and can provide bespoke advice and consultancy on lighting within your premises.

If you have any requirements or questions, in the first instance, please call us for advice. We have dedicated pages on this web site that deal with each of the other specialist areas involved with your office infrastructure.

So look no further – First Office Systems can help you!

John Donegan heads up our Office Interiors team and has dealt with many projects since 1991. Our geographical area covers Kent, Sussex and London although we may consider projects slightly further afield depending on our workload.
As you can see from our web site and our case studies, we can bring real value to you on such projects with our expertise and experience.

Why not call us now for an initial chat and ask to speak to John on 01892 676000?

Here is some more detail for you...

Lighting designed for the task in hand

Lighting an environment is often a complex task principally considered during the design stage of the building (by architects and interior designers). However, lighting should be designed for the tasks that individuals are carrying out within that environment. Guides to lighting can seem very complex, technical documents. However, employers can take some simple steps to ensure people have adequate lighting to carry out their tasks.

Key principles in lighting

Different activities require different levels of light. In general, the more detailed the task, the greater the light requirement. A process control room should be lit at an illuminance of 300 lux, a corridor or walkway may only require 50 lux, whilst studying an engineering drawing may require 750 lux.

Where individuals are carrying out different activities, they will need control over their local lighting.

Studies have shown that giving workers in open plan offices local control of lighting can increase job satisfaction (and decrease the experience of stress).

Directional sources of light can bounce off reflective surfaces such as display screens and cause glare. Using blinds, correcting the angle of the source of light and using glare filters can help control this, as can use of e.g. up-lighting.

All sources of light have a particular colour. Some of these, such as sodium, can make coloured text and diagrams difficult to read.

Sudden contrasts in light levels e.g. coming out of a well-lit area into a dark area or vice versa can be a problem because it takes the eye several seconds to adapt to new lighting conditions. Changes in lighting levels should be made gradually where possible.

Generally lighting is designed when the workplace is empty and without consideration of the shadows cast by equipment e.g. lighting of yards where trailers and containers may be parked. Pedestrian walkways in these areas should have specific lighting.

More information on lighting

For more detail, please see the government's web site:
Why not call us now for an initial chat and ask to speak to John on 01892 676000?

What our customers say...

"After a careful selection process, GML chose First Office to design, implement and manage the fit out of our new flagship Head Office building as well as our relocation. Throughout, they have proved to be a reliable, creative and enjoyable organization to work with. Their hard work, professionalism and attention to detail has been very much appreciated by all at GML and I look forward to working with them on future projects."
Jason Chaplin - GML Construction, Maidstone, Kent

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