AVAYA IP Office Software – Features from Release 6 to R10

We were today asked by a customer what they would benefit from by upgrading their AVAYA IP Office telephone system which is on software release 6 and upgrading to release 10. Since there is no simple document that exists that covers this, we created one and here it is (this is a summary only): Firstly, […]

What Hardware does an ISP Provide?

This is a commonly asked question and if you are not ‘in the know’, then it is a reasonable question to answer. So here is the answer. The Internet Service Provider (ISP), where a direct fibre ethernet is concerned, will normally provide their active equipment – this is normally rack-mounted.        

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Threats – how to avoid them.

Cyber attacks on UK organisations are on the rise at an unprecedented rate, with a government report stating that 69% of large and 38% of small businesses were attacked by an unauthorised outsider in the year 2015. The cost of an average attack  could have huge implications and figures of between £ 1.4 to 3.1 […]

Free Phone Calls from your Office Phone System

Is there such thing as a free lunch? Not really – but you can get free phone calls!It’s not every day something like this comes along… For some time now, we can give your organisation free calls to UK land lines and UK mobiles for the entire life of the phone line we install for […]

Leased Lines – What are they?

If you have ever heard the term, “Leased Line”, and wondered what it meant, then read on! It is a term that gets banded about by various people including IT Managers and technical people. Like most jargon, people tend to assume you know what they are talking about! But what actually is a Leased line […]

One Bill for IT, Telecoms and Internet

Are you tired of having a multitude of suppliers? It can be very stressful with all the different numbers to call (which one is the right number?) and sometimes it can be hard to even remember the companies you have the contracts with! It would make things so much easier with everything in one place… Well let us […]

SIP, Hosted Telephony in The Cloud or retain a PBX?

Much of our time here at First Office System involves advising customers that have Legacy PBX phone systems on what their best path is in terms of upgrading. Do they ditch the phone system for a fully-hosted phone system n The Cloud? Or do they simply upgrade their ISDN and port their numbers to SIP […]

Fibre Broadband and Fibre Ethernet – what’s the difference?

Something we often get asked is “What is the difference between fibre broadband and a proper direct fibre ethernet (aka a leased line). We thought it would be useful to quote and an actual recent customer email correspondence to answer this one and here it is!

Upgrade to VoIP – How and Why?

Upgrading to VoIP can be a big leap of faith! In this blog post, we explain a little more including “Why should I upgrade to VoIP?” and how best to do it. Why? If we told you that, if you examine all the telephone traffic that is in place between network operators, carriers and telephone […]

First Office Systems – What we do!

A lot of people in the SouthEast would have heard of First Office Systems, but what is it that we actually do? – What actually are office systems? Well, let us give you an introduction to what we offer our customers, and what we can do for businesses like yours! We define ‘Office Systems’ as the […]