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Mobile Hints and Tips

Helping our customers with their technology is what we do best - and with business mobiles, we find a little extra help goes a long way.

Here are some of the main things to consider.

Keeping costs down

The main thing to consider here is that smart phones love to connect to the internet! Be very careful about the apps you use - you can elect to turn off apps in your mobile data settings - this means the apps will not constantly try to connect to the internet and will only connect when using wi-fi - see the picture below which shows the iPhone display. We can set up email alerts so you are notified when you are close to exceeding your limits.

Keeping mobile data usage down

Another more obvious way to keep costs down is to turn off mobile data when travelling abroad - otherwise you could ramp up high usage charges.

Remember, you and your users are responsible for ensuring you pay attention to this - it is not down to the supplier  to pick up the bill - ignorance is not an excuse and you will have to pay for what you use. If you are going abroad, speak to us first and we can arrange for some data bundles to be made available in advance which will cost alot less.

Extending Battery Life

Turning off some of the features on your phone will help to extend the battery time. If your battery is really running low here are some different steps you can take to help prolong that battery life:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn off 3G/4G
  • Turn off Push on emails & use fetch instead
  • Turn off Location Services
  • Turn off Notifications
  • Close Apps running in the background
  • Reduce Screen Intensity or brightness
  • Keep your device cool

Battery Conditioning

Only charge your phone when the battery is nearly drained and then fully charge the battery to 100%. Do not leave your phone on charge overnight.


Make sure that you take regular backups of your phone. This will contain all of your personal data and settings so will be invaluable if your phone develops a fault or is stolen. With a replacement phone you can simple restore your settings from this backup and get you up and running in no time!
Some phones allow backup to the cloud – this is great but we always recommend having a backup on your own computer as well.


We recommend turning on automatic screen lock with password protection. This means that the screen on your phone will automatically lock when you are not using it. Not only will this help with your battery life but will stop anyone accessing the personal data on your phone.

Please see our page on Mobile Fraud Advice which goes into more detail on how you can keep yourself protected.

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