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Hosted Web Filtering

Hosted Web Filtering and access control management can be implemented to block malicious websites, applications and downloads, manage staff internet usage and reduce security risks - resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

As a business you want to ensure that your employees stay focused and efficient, you want to reduce web threats, block malware, viruses and phishing scams.

Our hosted web filtering platform enables you to protect your employees, your organization, your critical and confidential data and ultimately your reputation.

With our hosted web filtering, you can decide just how social or how connected your workplace should be. Some employees need to access news, some need to be on Facebook and Twitter, and others on LinkedIn, whereas others don’t need to be online at all for work purposes.

Hosted Web Filtering

Using our web filtering platform you can control the way your employees use the Internet, protecting your businesses from today's very real cyber threats, including malware and phishing.

You can take control by blocking access to questionable content and monitoring browser use, to optimise productivity. Managing up to 5 devices per user from one easy-to-use online portal, you can view which sites have been visited by employees, as well as having the ability to specify the times in which they can access specified websites, user by user, site by site.

Key reasons to incorporate Hosted Web Filtering into your business:

Malware Control

Protect your systems or intranet from malware. Internet sites can upload malware onto user computers without notice or approval. Malware programs may replicate and destroy data - computer viruses fall into this category - as well as gather data from company computers and send it to other locations for criminal activity.

One of the biggest security risks is posed by malware programs that could steal company passwords and financial information. Malware can also slow down computers with spamming ads or pop-ups.

Web filtering solutions, such as our Hosted Web Filtering, prevent Malware programs from accessing your systems.

Higher Efficiency

By restricting websites and content through web filtering solutions, companies can increase workplace efficiency all around. Online banking, social networking and ecommerce (gift purchases, grocery orders) all have their highest activity ratings during work hours. This equals a huge amount of wasted time for businesses.

Application Blocking

Our Web filtering solutions can block employees from using specific web applications. Companies can block games so that their employees cannot play them during working hours, along with other social media applications that can pass along malware programs. Blocking applications will increase efficiency and helps prevent malware infection.

Increased Internet Speed

Activities such as online games and gambling, while against company policy, can reduce bandwidth and make it more difficult for other employees that are actually working to complete tasks as quickly as possible. Managing and controlling Internet access will improve, not only efficiency but bandwidth speed.

Reduced Liability

Web filtering solutions reduce liability associated with internet activity. Employees who download copyrighted material such as music, offensive or illegal content (for example pornographic or hate inciting) at work could expose the business to liabilities in case of lawsuits or other types of legal action. Web filtering therefore reduces the risk complex legal liability issues.

Speak to our team today about the costs and benefits of Web Filtering services for your business.

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