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News archive - Imaging and Printing

News archive - Imaging and Printing

Managed Document Services Webinar

We are pleased to announce that we are hosting a short 20 minute Webinar on Managed Document Services this coming Thursday 4/9/2014 at 10am.


For more detail, please see our blog page here:



 Managed Document Services


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Compare copy and print charges - 18 ways for suppliers to claw back profit from you

Comparing Copier and Printer quotations


Unfortunately, this industry is infamous for suppliers ‘hiding’ true costs in order for sales people to secure your business and look as competitive as possible.


We have found in recent years and months that customers have gone elsewhere on the basis of the costs from a competitor appearing ‘cheaper’ only to realise later that all is not as it seemed. They may appear competitive on the surface, but if you look more deeply, you may find costs may rise (particularly if they are very low to start with) or there are hidden costs.

If you would like more information please complete the form below.

Please check these aspects out with your chosen supplier and request that they clarify their terms at the time of providing their quotation – you may find something to your benefit:


Here is a list of ways in which competitors ‘claw back’ their profit margins or cut their costs:


a)    Substantial price increases can be made during the terms of the service and support agreement – check the small print for maximum percentage increases. Our charges only rise by a maximum of 12% and in reality that is seldom reached. We tend to increase by approximately 4% or the pertaining rate of inflation. Some competitors have unlimited increases in their contracts!

b)    Cheap non-OEM toners and parts may be used to keep costs low or margins high – this is detrimental to the performance of the machine and its long-term reliability and/or copy quality. This is false economy but, nevertheless, keeps costs down and helps suppliers win business on cost initially. In most instances, we only use genuine Canon OEM parts and toner so there are no issues of that kind (occasionally, with certain models, we use Katun toner as we believe it is actually better quality than Canon toner).

c)    Employ too few engineers versus the number of machines in their coverage area - we achieve a sub-2-hour response to site for all calls on average – what is the response time for the supplier you have chosen and can they prove this? If your staff are waiting for hours (or days!) before they can use their machine, how can this adversely affect your organisation – could it cost you money or customers?

d)    No IT/printing elements covered – some suppliers have no IT experience or expertise and you may have to pay your IT support company – all extra cost.

e)    Percentage coverage limitation – many contracts are based on toner coverage of a certain %  ours do not – so whether you print heavily coloured prints or very white prints, the cost is the same – check the small print.

f)     Some suppliers charge high minimum volumes. Check their small print. We charge minimums but only for only low-volume users (eg £ 20-50 per month is a small price to pay for a comprehensive all-inclusive service). This varies but we are always fair.

g)    Automatic toner tracking and live meter readings – we electronically track all toner usage and send toners when they start to get low – this means you always have a spare and therefore have less downtime. Our meter readings are also fully automated, meaning less wasted time and trouble for your administrative staff (some suppliers charge £ 6pm per device for electronic monitoring). Can you remember the last time you ‘ran out of toner’? How did that affect your business or organisation?

h)    Some suppliers charge for deliveries of toner and consumables (at £ 10 a time, this represents you paying for an extra 1,000- 2,000 copies/prints for no reason) – we do not charge ‘as a rule’.

i)      Some suppliers charge 2p ‘for colour’. Check the small print  - this means 2p per print for EACH colour (ie 2p for Magenta, 2p for Yellow, 2p for Cyan and 0.5p for black) which actually means a charge of 6.5p. If it looks cheap, BUYER BEWARE – this is a scam. We recently heard of a well known supplier charging 5p per colour (in reality there are 3 colours - Cyan, Magenta and Yellow as well as Black) so the customer was charged 3 times the price they were expecting! When the customer became aware of this, the supplier settled out of court and sent them a cheque for over £ 400,000!

j)      Some manufacturer parts are cheaper than others – however, these tend to be less reliable and offer poor print quality. Indeed, some suppliers ‘chip’ their drum units so these expensive consumables produce many more prints than was intended by the manufacturers – the result is poor print quality. If you don’t mind this, then that is not a problem! But that is how they can be cheaper….

k)    Some suppliers and resellers (we won’t mention names) take up to 4 days to respond to fault requests – we know this is a fact.

l)      Many suppliers don’t keep enough car stocks or maintenance stock in an attempt to keep costs low – this can mean more downtime for your machines. Our first time fix rate is 82.4% due to our higher stock levels. We outperform Canon’s targets on their machines by some distance.

m)  The lease cost may have extra payments included (ie a 3 year lease may be 13 payments or more, rather than 12).

n)    Depending on the type of finance, you may be forced to upgrade at the end of the agreement – we sometimes offer a residual arrangement at a reduced cost if the machine is still ‘fit for purpose’. We reserve the right to offer this or not.

o)    Our initial costs include delivery, installation, training, connection to your network, print driver set up for each user and configuration of our Universal Logon Manager, which will help you to monitor and restrict usage per user. We also offer a free fluke test to check your cabling and regular training and account management visits.

p)    Some suppliers advertise premium rate phone numbers so they make money when you call them (eg 087, 0844 and 09). We don’t.

q)    Amazingly, some suppliers do not have any service personnel and call on teams of sub-contractors who only react very slowly – ask the supplier how many engineers they employ directly.

r)     Many suppliers have a high turnover of staff and their sales people’s number one priority is to secure your order. Our Account Managers have been with us for 23 and 17 years respectively – your account manager is not likely to change so there is continued accountability and management.


Canon is a premium brand offering premium quality, performance, reliability and longevity.


We urge customers to look at what we have consistently delivered for over 10 years, which is sub-2 hour response to all calls on average – rather than what others merely promise to deliver. We survey our customers every few months and currently 97% of them rate us as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’.


We have a bespoke Computerised Management System on which we have over 10 years of data to prove all that we say.


Can our competitors prove what they tell you?           We can…..


Have they been 100% transparent with you about these very important factors from the outset?


We have…..

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Recent copier projects completed

Please see our specific page detailing our recent projects. A small selection of recent ones are shown here:


Two new Canon A4 MFD's for insurance company - September 2014

New Canon MFD for Brighton Travel company - September 2014

Two new Canon imageRUNNER Advance MFD's with barcode software for St-Leonards manufacturing company - September 2014

New Canon MFD for Surrey manufacturer - August 2014

Canon MFD for architects - August 2014

New Canon iRC2225i for Kent Office fit-out contractors - August 2014

Six Canon MFD's for insurance company - July 2014

Refurbished Canon MFD for church in Kemsing - July 2014

Refurbished  Canon MFD for Tunbridge Wells church - July 2014

New Canon 2530i for East Grinstead Heating components company - July 2014

Refurbished Canon 5030i for Wadhurst publishing company - June 2014

New Canon high-volume scanner and Document Management capture client software for Kent building supplies and waste business - June 2014

New Canon irC2225i MFD for London management company - June 2014

New Canon imageRUNNER Advance 7260i for London marketing agency - June 2014

New Canon C2225i MFD for Wadhurst School - May 2014

New Canon imageRUNNER C5235i for Tunbridge Wells Financial Advisors firm - May 2014

Refurbished C5030i with Fiery RIP Professional Colour solution for Creative Agency - May 2014

New Canon C2230i copier/printer for Kent marketing company -  May 2014

Six new Canon printers/copiers for Insurance HQ - May 2014

Refurbished Canon iR2380 for Tunbridge Wells Travel business - April 2014

Refurbished Canon iR2380 for solicitors in Kent - April 2014

New Canon ImageRUNNER Advance for Financial Services company - April 2014

High Volume  Canon printer/copier for Sussex Publishing company - April 2014

New Canon Copier/Printer for London Marketing agency - March 2014

New Canon MFD for Tunbridge Wells alternative Therapy practice - March 2014

New Canon MFD for Landscaping company in East Malling, Maidstone - March 2014

New Canon multi-functional copier for Tunbridge Wells charity - March 2014

Six new Canon MFD's for Insurance company - February 2014

New high volume Canon MFD for Kent Housing Association - February 2014

New Canon high volume multin-functional printer/copier/scanner for Sussex Auction Rooms - February 2014

Canon MFD for Tunbridge Wells Church - January 2014

Canon MFD for Uckfield Insurance broker - January 2014

Professional Colour Copier with Fiery RIP for local magazine and agency in Tunbridge Wells - January 2014

2 new Canon Multi functional Copier Printers with Uniflow Managed Print Software and Follow-Me-Print for Travel Company in London - January 2014 

Canon MFD for Theatre School - December 2013 

Multi functional Canon Copier fro Tunbridge Wells Church - December 2013 

Copier/Printer for Security company in Tunbridge Wells - October 2013 

Four Multi-functional Copiers for Insurance company in Tunbridge Wells - October 2013 

New Canon Document Management solution for Engineering company in East Sussex - September 2013 

Refurbished Canon copier for Insurance company - September 2013 

New Canon MFD Copier Printer for cleaning company in Woolwich Arsenal, London - July 2013 

Refurbished Canon copier for GP Surgery in West Malling - July 2013 

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New Copier customer testimonial!

We here at Faircloth Head office have been customers of First Office for many years, and they have never failed to provide us with first class service, on the few occasions we have a problem with our photocopier, one of the First Office team are usually with us the same day, giving a clear indication of what is wrong and being able to provide any spare part required by return – and always with a smile !

We would not fail to recommend them.

Lesley, Office Manager, Faircloth Construction, Wadhurst, East Sussex

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Document Management Case Study revealed by First Office Systems

We have recently published a Document Management Case Study on our web site.

This case study features Ardula Limited, a local established business in Laddingford, near Maidstone in Kent.

Please see our specific web page for more details - click the link below:

Document Management Case Study

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Copier Customer reaches 50 MFD Devices!

Copier Customer reaches 50 MFD Devices!

First Office Systems have their first 50 devices customer. The ever-expanding Markerstudy Group now have support from us on 50 devices spread across 33 different sites in the UK. Based on excellent support for just two locations, and over a number of years, FOS have been requested to look after this growing fleet of devices based on the performance of equipment and a fast and efficient response for requests to service all of the equipment.

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Sussex Copier Customer expresses satisfaction to First Office Systems for our "impeccable service"

We supplied The Crowborough Tuition Centre with a copier back in 2006 and have serviced the copier for them since. However at the end of last year they had some problems with the print quality as it was quite an old machine and we were called out to fix the problem. Special thanks went to Jason Seal and Gordon Brown for their "impeccable service". 

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New Canon Copier Range Launched

Canon UK have launched a new range of multi-functional devices that copy, print, scan, email and fax.

As with all devices on the Canon imageRUNNER Advance platform, the C2020 and C2030 Canon colour multifunctional devices come with much larger displays. They offer an easy to use 5.7" full-colour TFT user-interface, which allows the user to personalise a main menu, as well as a ‘quick’ menu for common functions and more streamlined job control. For their size, the new Canon imageRUNNER Advance C2020 and C2030 printer /copiers provide impressive print speeds – 20 ppm and 30 ppm respectively.

Both Canon printer copiers feature a maximum paper capacity of 2000 sheets and handle media sizes of up to 12 by 18 inch. A duplexing automatic document feeder (DADF) will deliver 44 images per minute in both colour and black and white, while internal finishing capability allows for a greater range of output options. The C2020 and C2030 are excellent value for money for these entry level A3 black/white and full colour devices.

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Copier customer for 20 years! Marion Simpson rewarded with a Thank You from First Office Systems!

Local lady Marion Simpson was recently surprised by a visit from Jason Seal, Copier Service Manager at First Office Systems in recognition of being a copier customer for 20 years!

Accompanied by Joan Brinklow, Service and Support Supervisor, Marion thanked them for a ''Wonderful Surprise''!

First Office Systems first customer

Throughout all of those 20 years Marion has produced and copied many tens of thousands of documents on a succession of Canon copiers, which have been supplied and supported by local company First Office Systems www.firstoffice.co.uk. To thank Marion for her 20 years of custom Jason Seal  presented her with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her loyalty..

Although Marion had spoken to Joan Brinklow over the phone for 20 years requesting service visits and supplies of toner they had not met. Both Marion and Joan were delighted at last to meet each other and now they can both put a face to the voice on the other end of the phone.

Marion Simpson from Godstone has been at the vanguard of the ordination of women for more than 20 years. Marion has just retired as Treasurer of ‘Women & The Church’ the umbrella organisation promoting women’s ordination, www.womenandthechurch.org. Marion is also very involved in her local church and the three local churches of Godstone, South Godstone and Blindley Heath, which form the United Benefice of Godstone, www.godstoneparish.net .

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Reduce your copy and print costs

‘Reduce your copy and print costs’. That’s what most companies are looking to do in their businesses. First Office Systems in Tunbridge Wells are currently offering their existing and potential customers the opportunity to establish exactly what their print usage and costs are, by offering them a free Print Audit. The print audit enables customers to identify print usage by individual printer, and the reports will highlight areas where cost savings could be made. Local companies in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and most parts of West Kent are taking advantage of this free service being offered by First Office Systems. Sales Director Andy Brett commented, ‘this is a great opportunity to establish a company’s spend on printing, which costs the customer nothing to find this information out’. What better way to keep a handle on costs, with possible solutions to lower those costs moving forward. To find out more, or to book a free ‘Print Audit’, call Andy Brett on 01892 676000 for more information.

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New Canon copiers for Lifestyle Europe

Lifestyle Europe Ltd in Tunbridge Wells recently decided to use the services and support of First Office Systems when they updated all of their branches in Kent and East & West Sussex with new Copiers. They chose Canon copiers, based on the brand name and its known reliability in the marketplace, together with the testimonials from other local companies who had recommended First Office Systems Ltd to them. Chairman of Lifestyle Europe Marc Mathew commented ‘Its great to deal with a local company who come highly recommended, who are supplying the No 1 worldwide brand with Canon, and where the after sales support has been excellent thus far, long may it continue’  …….

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Scanning from the Multifunctional Device

More and more companies are starting to use their Copier / Printer to scan their paper documents, converting them to pdf, jpeg or tiff formats, and then sending them electronically as opposed to other traditional methods of communication. Over the last 18 months, staff at First Office Systems have used their own document feeder on their Copier for 18% of its overall usage to scan and send documents, which is 18% more than in the previous 18 months. We have saved over £2500 in postage costs, and we have avoided sending letters and brochures through the postal system. The Canon Copier / Printer activate this type of communication within seconds, rather than the next day, or in most cases in two days when going via the postal system.

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Document Management System for Kent based Berry Gardens

Based in Five Oak Green, Kent, Berry Gardens Ltd is the UK’s largest fresh berry supplier and offers its retailer customers a year round programmed supply from grower groups and sources. They have acquired a Document Management System, Infonic Document Manager through First Office Systems, and an Infonic Partner in Kent, East Sussex and the South East.  Berry Gardens are implementing Proof of Delivery capture and retrieval.

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New Canon Professional Colour Printer


With the introduction of the Image Press C1, Canon will set new standards for digital colour printing quality. The Image Press C1 has been designed and manufactured using a number of new Canon technologies producing documents of a quality not previously achieved. The Image Press C1 comes with a number of options allowing it to satisfy customer needs for multi-functionality, various paper supplies and finishing. The Image Press C1 is designed for the fine art, proofing and short run production offering outstanding image quality and colour accuracy where this is a prerequisite. For more information or advice call David Bossie on 01892-776005 or e-mail him at david.bossie@firstoffice.co.uk

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